Remodeling Assistance

Remodeling Assistance

Top 5 Things to Think About When Remodeling

Top 5 things to look for when replacing the Kitchen Sink

  1. Outside dimensions of the current kitchen sink.
  2. Is it a Topmount (self-rimming) sink?
  3. Is it an Undermount sink?
  4. How many faucets holes do I have on the current sink?
  5. What size is the base cabinet that the Kitchen Sink sets into?

Top 5 Things to look for when replacing the Toilet or Water Closet

  1. What is the rough-in size? 10”, 12”, or 14”?  (This can be identified by measuring from the back of the wall to the toilet bolts on the floor).
  2. Do I want a round front?
  3. Do I want a elongated front?
  4. Do I want the new Comfort Height toilets?
  5. How much room do I have?

Top 5 Things to look for when replacing the Tub or Shower

  1. What are the current dimensions of the existing tub or shower?
  2. Do I need a remodel unit (3-4 piece unit) or will a 1 piece unit work?
  3. What side is the drain and faucet located at when facing the tub?
  4. What type of faucet do I want? (Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze)
  5. Do I want this new unit to have grab bars?

Top 5 Things to look for when replacing the Water Heater

  1. Is my current water heater an electric, natural gas or LP gas unit?
  2. What size do I need? 40 gallon, 50 gallon or 75 gallon.
  3. If it is electric what voltage and wattage is it?
  4. How tall is the height of my current water heater?
  5. Does the size of your current water heater meet your family’s needs?

Top 5 Things to look for when replacing the bathroom faucet

  1. What type of faucet do I have now?  Single handle, double handle?
  2. What are the dimensions between the handles 4 inches or 8 inches apart, or just a single hole?
  3. Do I have any trouble turning the handles I have now?  Would a lever handle work better for me?
  4. What is the current color or finish of the faucet?
  5. Do I need to also replace the stopper in the bottom of the sink?

Checklist-Features to Consider:

  1. shower and bathtub

  2. water saving toilet

  3. larger hot water tank if needed

  4. updated wiring and outlets

  6. better more diverse lighting

  7. larger vanity-two basin vanity

  8. additional storage for linens and bath supplies
  9. larger medicine cabinet or mirror 
  10. under-floor heating grids

  11. new flooring

  12. towel warmers

  13. steam shower

  14. sauna

  15. jet or whirlpool bath
temperature controlled faucets and shower heads

  17. new floor plan

  18. expanding bath into available space

Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

There are many reasons for a bathroom remodel. It is different with each situation, because each bathroom may have different uses and different users, and because of the preferences of those planning the remodeling project. You may find your specific reason listed below in the bathroom remodeling checklist.

Checklist for bathroom remodeling:

  1. fixtures outdated and unattractive

  2. plumbing problems

  3. inadequate hot water supply

  4. inadequate lighting and electrical outlets

  5. moisture damage 
  6. lack of storage and counterspace
bathroom flooring worn and dated

  8. arrangement not functional

  9. entire bathroom area too small

When you begin to  plan your new bathroom, consider who uses it and the many functions that will take place in your newly remodeled bathroom.

A few suggestions to get you started with your planning:

  1. adults

  2. children

  4. number of people using the bath at the same time
  6. bathing children

  7. showering

  8. grooming
applying makeup

  10. relaxing in whirlpool/sauna/steam